WIREMACH PLUS ® is the software installed on CEB machines and has replaced the previous version of the WIREMACH ® software. Allows the three-dimensional management and programming of the part to be produced with automatic generation controlled by the post processor, for setting the machine.
This software, exclusively owned by OMAS, has been specifically designed to reduce the time required for the realization of the ISO program of each single piece to a minimum, allowing the operator to program the machine following a guided procedure.
Programming takes place progressively through geometries, consequently there is no need to have particular notions of technical or IT design, always following the Omas philosophy of providing to his customers the simplest tools possible to manage, obtaining great performance.
Precisely this philosophy allows Omas to distinguish itself with each of its applications, for which in this case the compensation correction function was also developed, reaching an unprecedented level of quality on the finished product.